Frank Bennetts

Frank has been involved in SHERQ for more than 22 years, many of which were in senior and top management positions. He has either directly managed or managed teams responsible for SHERQ on various construction projects with a total value exceeding R18 545 892 000-00.

He believes that the best way to influence people is by example, to always do the right thing, even when no-one is watching, and to take time to explain ‘Why’. Being an example and always being approachable and willing to share knowledge prevents people from having to learn the hard way why certain requirements and processes are important. People should not have to learn from their own mistakes which could possibly have catastrophic consequences.  Sharing knowledge, lessons learnt and experiences and explaining ‘Why’ ensures these can be 100% avoidable.

I have a passion to go above and beyond in our partnership with our customers to prevent injuries and ill health by striving to assist them to provide a safe working environment, free from health stressors and which minimizes negative environmental impacts’ while ensuring legal compliance by, and competency of ,all levels of employees, in order to empower them to achieve their best. The best Management Systems are designed to eliminate or mitigate risk exposures when properly implemented.” 

Frank Bennetts CEO.

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