Construction Contractors


Construction Contractors

Construction Contractors (both Principle Contractors and Contractors) performing Construction work are legally obliged to ensure compliance to various sets of legislation in South Africa and abroad. In South Africa, these include, but are not limited to Act 85 of 1993 (Occupational Health and Safety Act) and all regulations promulgated there-under, in particular but not limited to GNR 84 of 7 February 2014 – Construction Regulation 7.

The duties include: –

  • obtaining from the Client and Designer, a Risk Assessment, Geotechnical Investigation Report and Health and Safety Specifications to be incorporated into every Contractors Health and Safety Plan
  • performing your own baseline and activity specific Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments
  • developing a project / site specific Health and Safety Plan to be implemented and maintained for the duration of the works
  • to compile and maintain Health and Safety files and to keep relevant Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality records
  • to only appoint competent persons
  • to stop any Contractor (appointed by you) from performing work which is not according to the Clients Specifications, the Design, your or their Health and Safety Plan or which poses a risk

Other duties include: –

  • appointing competent Construction Managers (only one per project)
  • appointing competent Construction Supervisors
  • appointing competent Construction Health and Safety Officers registered with the SACPCMP
  • opening and maintaining SHEQ files 
  • conducting hazard identification and risk assessments and implementing identified controls
  • ensuring all employees and medically fit and competent
  • keeping various legislated records
  • implementing yourorganisations legislated management system
  • ensuring all legislation is complied with
  • implementing a Health & Safety Plan signed by your Contract Manager and approved by the Client
  • recording your organisations Chain of Command Structure in the form of an organogram
  • displaying and communicating your companies Health & Safety Policy approved by your C.E.O.
  • documenting an approved employee competency requirements matrix
  • documenting an employee competency analysis per employee
  • keeping training records
  • compiling and implementing an Incident Management procedure
  • compiling and implementing an Incident and Accident Response procedures
  • implementing a supplier and vendor control procedure

We specialise in providing assistance to compile project specific Health and Safety Plans, Environmental Management Plans, Quality Plans and files, to ensure you are Legally Compliant.

We also assist with developing and implementing Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems which comply to the minimum Legal requirements.

View or Download PDF – Guideline on Construction Contractor Responsibilities 

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