Our Services

our Services

Our Services to our Customers are tailored to their unique risk profiles and the manner in which they undertake their oprations. Risk must be identified and exposure controlled in order to avoid injuries and damage and possible consequences of criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

Our fundamental belief is to partner with our Customers to provide services: –

  • prevent exposure of their employees and other persons to injury or disease,
  • avoid criminal prosecutions and civil litigation, and
  • protect their reputations.

This can only be achieved by partnering with Customers to assist them to: –

  • identify hazards and assess risks which may have negative consequences,
  • identify environmental aspects which may have positive impacts, and implement them,
  • identify environmental aspects which may have negative impacts, and control them,
  • develop and implement various management systems based on their unique risk profile, and
  • maintain acceptable levels of compliance through a process of continuous review, improvement, communication and implementation of documented systems.

We also assist Customers with: –

  • providing on their behalf, relevant Representatives,
    • Project Managers
    • Construction Managers
    • Construction Health & Safety Agents
    • Health & Safety Managers
    • Health & Safety Officers
    • QA / QC Officers
    • Environmental Officers
  • facilitating various health surveys
  • conducting legal compliance and management system audits,
  • incident & accident management
    • immediate response to incidents
    • initial investigations
    • conducting Root Cause Analysis investigations,
  • developing management systems based on ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 (old OHSAS18001), and
  • advising on legal and system compliance matters.

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