Legal Compliance Auditing

SHERQ Health & Safety and Environmental Legal Compliance Audits and Management System Audits are an integral method used by organisations during which they are able ensure Legal and Management System Compliance.

Do you understand your legal obligations and the potential consequences of not ensuring LEGAL COMPLIANCE? 

Potentially Imprisonment or Fines!!!

Whether or not you have an Internal Audit service, it is a good idea to consider external independent audits of your level of Legal  Compliance, your Management Systems and of your Vendors / Suppliers, especially of those who may supply critical goods (a failure of which may be catastrophic) or those who provide critical services, for example, Engineers, Designers and Contractors.

Are you prepared to risk your organisation or yourself potentially being convicted of a crime with the resulting criminal record and negative reputational damage?

We have specialist SHERQ Health and Safety Legal Compliance Auditors in Occupational Health and Safety, Mining and Environmental Legislation and Management Systems and are able to assist you with assuring your peace of mind.

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