Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation and Root Causal Analysis

The importance of proper independent 3rd party investigations to establish the causes of incidents should never be underestimated. Incidents are not restricted to injuries or damage, but also include quality of product failures. An example would be where concrete delivered fails a slump or subsequent cube test. The long term effects of using poor quality concrete could in the future result in the catastrophic failure of the structure with consequential fatalities, injuries and damage.

Determining the root causes for the delivered concrete not conforming to the specified standard is of paramount importance to prevent further similar occurrences and to implement any identified corrective actions required.

Investigations are intended to identify and correct Immediate and Root causes, be they caused by behaviour, product, tools, equipment, lack of skill / knowledge or other.

Investigations must never be intended to find someone to blame. This approach will only result in participants in the investigation process being defensive and dishonest. True causes will then not be established.

Our team includes specialist investigators to assist to determine both Immediate and Root Causes of accidents, other incidents and catastrophic failures.

Once we have been contacted and we have been appointed to conduct an investigation in terms of GNR 929 of 25 June 2003 General Administrative Regulation 9(2), we are able to respond to a scene, nationally is South Africa, at short notice. Our investigation service includes providing telephonic advice to our Clients personnel at the scene to ensure the integrity of evidence is maintained and to ensure they take the necessary legal actions required. Constant contact will be maintained until one of our investigators has arrived to take over.

Should an incident occur on a Construction Project, the Client is responsible in terms of the dictates of GNR 84 of 7 February 2014 Construction Regulation 5(3) to ensure that the Contractor provides the Provincial Director [Department of Labour] with the necessary incident and investigation reports in the format and within the timeframes prescribed. It is therefore advised that the Client include within their Health and Safety Specification AND Contract a clause stipulating that the Client retains an interest in all incidents and the right to, at the Clients discretion, participate in any investigation or to perform their own investigation and also to be provided with the opportunity to review and comment on all Investigation Reports prior to submission to the Provincial Director and that the Contractor will co-operate with the Client in that regard.

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