Jan Oberholzer

“During the time that I worked with Frank I became to know him fairly well as well as what drives him. His knowledge of law is extensive and I have seen him on more than one occasion debate issues with our attorneys and with client representatives, which resulted in them conceding that they had erred and he was in fact correct in his interpretation. His assistance with various tenders and claims also benefited us financially. Frank stands up for what he believes is right and usually has facts to back him up.I would highly recommend Frank in his personal capacity as well as his company to anyone considering making use of his services and am willing to be contacted to provide a verbal reference.”

Chief Operating Officer
Eskom Holdings
Nick van der Mescht

Nick van der Mescht

“We relied heavily on Frank to keep us legal and safe within cost restraints. He has proven his value more than once where we did have accidents, where he participated in the investigations with the Client and the Department of Labour. Frank earned the respect and trust of the investigation teams and they were always very satisfied with his teamwork approach.
He protected the legal appointees against prosecution due to his diligence and his profound legal knowledge and making sure that we were always legally compliant.
Frank is persistent in the face of adversity and does not let cost take preference over quality or safety. He handled the inevitable confrontations with Project and Site managers well; to the benefit of the company.”

Managing Director
Objective Management Solutions


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Otto Botha

Otto Botha

“Frank is a very intelligent and motivated individual, who is very passionate about his work. I strongly
believe in his potential to make a success of whatever venture he might embark on. He adds a lot of value with his years of experience and extensive SHEQ knowledge, but his biggest strength (in my opinion) is his passion, energy and drive to make whatever he is involved with a success.
Frank has a widespread knowledge of legislation, including OHS Act and Regulations, Mine Health and Safety Act as well as Environmental law. He is qualified to perform Environmental Impact
Assessments and is an External Systems Auditor on three international standards- IS09001 (Quality), IS014001 (Environmental) and IS045001 (Health and Safety). His skillset includes (but is not limited to) the ability to:-

  • Develop, implement and maintain management systems (based on the standards);
  • Ensure legal compliance in all aspects of Health and Safety and Environmental legislation;
  • Compile and maintain legal registers;
  • Audit- to determine levels of legal compliance and systems implementation maturity levels;
  • Respond to serious incidents and perform investigations to determine root causes; and
  • Train and advise on SHEQ related matters.

The quality and professionalism of the services which Frank provided to my Division (during my time with Stefanutti Stocks) was of the highest standard and assisted me greatly with ensuring legal compliance and (most importantly) the safety and wellbeing of the staff.
Please feel free to contact me directly, should you
wish to discuss.” 

Director (Ex)
Stefanutti Stocks Structures BU


Bertie Jacobs

Bertie Jacobs

“Mr Frank Bennetts has been instrumental in assisting the Eskom Line Engineering Services (LES) Department with aspects of the Construction Regulations. He engaged regularly with LES, assisted, arranged and facilitated amongst others a workshop to better explain the role of the Designer in context of the Construction Regulations and his in-depth knowledge on the topic is broad and educational.
He also assisted with a number of incident and failure investigations. Being responsible then for a broad portfolio namely Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality, Frank arranged the necessary meetings and provided guidance on a number of issues in concluding these investigations successfully.
His knowledge and expertise on health and safety related matters, is vast and his further assistance to the LES Department included topics such as fall arrest systems, method statements, safe work procedures and health and safety plans.
My experience and interaction with Frank can only be described as a pleasure, since he is serious, passionate and very professional in his work. He has a well trained eye for detail and his broad knowledge base cover a vast field of Health & Safety, Construction, Basic Law, OHS Act, Quality and other skills.
I trust that potential clients of Mr Frank Bennetts will also have good, enjoyable and professional experiences similar to what I had personally as well as in Eskom.”

Senior Technologist
Line Engineering Services
Eskom Holdings